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Learning is one thing. Implementing is a different story.

Current Programs

Mastermind Groups
Study and collaborate one hour per week
Using books and licensed resources from the John Maxwell Team, dive deep into hard-won leadership lessons and work with like-minded peers on how to apply them where you live and work.

Speaking and Group Training
Build your “bench”
Keynotes and training sessions designed for larger audiences. We’ll discuss the fundamentals of invested leadership and actionable steps each person can take for immediate results.

Team Building and Dynamics
Apply the DISC Methodology
As a licensed DISC trainer, I apply the personality assessment and training methods to your team, whether you’re all new to working with each other or have been together for years. Useful for senior executive or functional teams, or small businesses looking to expand.

Individual Coaching
Become the leader you want to be
My signature program, built on the “Teach-Train-LEAD” model. Apply the model across an 8 or 12-week experience. We’ll develop you into the leader you want to be no matter where you are at work or in life.

You and Your Team

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